GHOST by Marc Sadler

Light that blends with architecture

The Ghost range originates from a simple but revolutionary idea that thanks to a careful engineering became an industrial product: to create out-and-out luminous cavities inside the material and to conceal the lighting body as to make the light the only and unique player in the architecture.

This concept which was initially conceived for cast concrete walls in place; now it comes in new innovative variants that turn it into a product suitable for many construction materials: insulationpanels, brick walls, walls in cement conglomerate or other materials to be plastered.

Ghost_cemento, laterizio, cappotto

Ghost for cast concrete is a lighting void that is obtained from a polypropylene housing anchored to the retaining panels  before pouring the concrete. Ghost is composed of two elements: the housing and the lighting element.

Ghost for construction materials to be plastered is easily applied in walls made of perforated clay or breeze blocks. The product is designed to be wall mounted and completely integrated with the architecture of which it will take over the finish. The cavity is pre-finished and ready for painting.

Ghost for insulation panels may be installed inside the exterior insulating panels. The degree of insulation of the house will stay unchanged for it is manufactured of the same type of polystyrene insulation. Attention should be paid though to the positioning of the corrugated tube for electrification. The height of Ghost for insulation panel has been designed o take on standard AED35 (50cm) insulating blocks while the thickness (10 cm) facilitates the integration in insulating panels with the same or greater thickness. The cavity is pre-finished and ready for painting.

The linear versions of Ghost are designed to be embedded in contexts that require compact size, as in the case of concrete casting staircases. Ghost linear is also suitable for making thin and horizontal cuts of light along the walls.


“Ghost works by subtraction rather than addition: no visible lighting fixture is added to the building’s structure, but on the contrary it consists in a void filled with light. The light comes directly from the structure and emphasizes the creative path envisaged by the lighting designer.”
Marc Sadler

The Design Observatory ADI has selected the SIMES Ghost for its next pubblication on ADI Design Index 2017 and as a viable contender for the 2018 Compasso d’Doro award, the most prestegious recognition of Italian quality in the field of product design, manufacturing , services, systems and processes relating to Italian Design.