Ghost, what
we want to add
is "just light”

The Ghost product represents an epochal innovation in the world of designing light for the lighting body totally disappears and “what is left is only light”, says Marc Sadler, the designer who together with Simes owns the authorship of the product that lights concrete.

Ghost is a luminous cavity obtained by a special recessed box to be fixed to the panels before the concrete is cast. Once the concrete is dry, a part of the recessed box may be removed to obtain a void, a neat and definite mould formed following the hardening process. Ghost has been designed to be installed in reinforced concrete structures, walls and facades of residential and commercial buildings, cast staircases, stadiums, public buildings and areas sensitive to vandalism.

We interview Marc Sadler to learn more closely about the idea that is concealed behind the product.

When did the cooperation with SIMES start?

M.S.: The cooperation with SIMES started years ago. Being a Design Studio, we had decided to work with SIMES not for designing luminaires but to design light.

An extraordinary product has been designed during the cooperation with SIMES: Ghost  “Just Light”. What is it really about?

M.S. : The Ghost range represents a revolution in the way to conceive outdoor lighting. It works by subtraction rather than by addiction: no lighting body is added to the structure of the building, on the contrary a void is created in the concrete to be filled with light. Light springs directly from the material and materializes in the creative journey the designer had imagined.

Which are the guidelines that have inspired this project?

M.S.: Our ideas have been continuously guided by a constant dialogue between technology and emotion, art and engineering. Ghost is a project that can be very flexible for the designer and for the architects. All this has involved us in a route of simplification of existing solutions…and when something is simple taking shape can be done as an extraordinary innovation for everybody concerned.  

In which way can Ghost give shape to the reactivity of designers and support them in their projects?

M.S.: Ghost is a sign, a luminous pixel in the concrete that appears or disappears scanning the rhythm of the architecture. It is a primary , elementary item , like a brick. With a brick you can build simple walls or great cathedrals. It is up to the designer to use it for the construction of extraordinary architectures. The dream of the architect: to have the light without seeing the lamp. With Ghost we only have Light.

In how many shapes does Ghost come?

M.S.: Ghost starts as a horizontal cavity and subsequently assumes other shapes , such as horizontal and square. With time, research has brought us to even more sophisticated solutions in line with the needs of the designers. Ghost Linear represents a line of pure continuous light inserted in a concrete wall. This last version has been particularly appreciated by international design experts: Ghost linear has been granted with the Menzione d'Onore al Compasso d'Oro and also with the  Best of the Best al Red Dot Award of Essen.

Ghost represents e new way of understanding light. Which are the evolutions of this extraordinary breakthrough?

M.S.: Our curiosity did not only look at the shape but also at the materials. This concept, originally conceived for concrete walls to be cast on site, now comes in new innovative variants that transform it in a product suitable for a variety of construction materials: insulating panels, masonry walls, walls in cement conglomerate or other materials to be plastered.

Marc Sadler Biography

Marc Sadler was born in Austria with French origin and is now resident in Italy. One of the first graduates in “esthétique industrielle” at ENSAD Paris with a thesis on plastic materials, he pioneered the use of experimentation with different materials. The contamination between technologies become a distinctive aspect of his business. Citizen of the world (he lived and worked for many years in Europe, North America and Asia) and eclectic designer, he is now a consultant for furniture and lighting companies, as well as for large and small appliances, sports and other more technical fields. Four-time winner of the ADI Golden Compass (1994, 2001,2008 and 2014), his career has been rewarded internationally for many times over.


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