Pleasant lighting
for a safe and pleasant
urban life


Credits: Dabube Arena
Location: Budapest - Ungheria
Investor: Hungarian National Asset Management Inc
Architecture: NAPUR Architect (Marcel Ferencz DLA, György Détári DLA)
Lighting Project: BE LIGHT! (Zoltán Morvai, Gergely Papp)

Urban lighting to attract and redevelop suburban areas. This is the theme we'll handle in this article. We are going to express how an architectural project and its lighting, both contribute to give value to urban and suburban context. By the way, light becomes an element of support for the safety of public places encouraging socialisation. Simes' light illuminates the surroundings of the prestigious Danube Arena, enhancing the area with safe and clean energy.


The Danube Arena is a huge infrastructure created to host the 2017 World Swimming Championships, which has then confirmed itself over time to be a great sports center with great attractive power. It accommodates till 6.000 fixed and 6.000 temporary places, two swimming pools, one diving pool and one more small training pool. The investments are part of a complex programme of urban development aiming at the expansion of the northern part of Budapest. It is the biggest development programme of sport infrastructures in Hungary in the last thirty years.


The architecture designed by Marcel Ferencz, a well-known Hungarian architect, is reflected in the waters of the Danube River and thanks to this strategic arrangement it acquires a dominant placing in the urban landscape. The facade is made up of aluminium profile sheets in a dynamic sequence that creates a direct connexion between their undulated movements and the Danube River; it reflects the colours of the landscape during the different phases of the day. At night time on the contrary, the outdoor lighting illuminates the Danube Arena on the water mirror in a play of reflexions where light is the main player.


The illumination of the area surrounding the building has been done exclusively with the street furniture AVENUE which provides in this environment both an aesthetical and a functional valence. An aesthetical one for the clean geometries of the product perfectly blend with the design of a distinctly modern structure; a functional one for the lighting chosen provides the right lighting for the transit areas and the access to the building.


Essential in its forms and with a clean cut design the Avenue urban lighting is a fixture designed with an aluminium die cast housing that contains the latest state of the art LED technology. The compact size and reduced thickness of Avenue give an elegant solution to what is usually a complex product design issue. The innovative pole bracket allows for Avenue to be positioned at any height and to adapt to different pole diameters. The advanced engineering of the optics place Avenue at the top end of its category with an inter distance of 4 times the height of the pole.


Thanks to its extraordinary efficiency, the use of the Avenue pole top made it possible to work with an optimized number of lighting points. This guarantees savings over time, both in terms of cost and energy consumption, according to the smaller number of lighting fixtures installed


These and many other solutions represent Simes' response to the lighting designer's need to illuminate a residential building with comfortable light. If you wish to receive more information, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also book a digital meeting to focus with us on your specific project.